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We Customize Shipping Containers

Building Custom Mobile Offices & Much More

MODS specializes in fitting up shipping containers into highly customized and well-tailored spaces that perfectly suite our clients needs. These spaces can be used as construction trailers, mobile offices, mobile shops, customized storage containers and much more.

Why Choose MODS?

Prefabricated container spaces offer a variety of benefits such as cost savings, greater customization, faster turnaround time, and more. On top of all that, MODS has an industry advantage due to our subsidiary already being well connected in the construction industry with connections to many large General Contracting firms in the nation.

Custom Tailored Designs

Container spaces offer much greater customization versus traditional trailer offices. They can be arranged, modified and customized to perfectly suite your specific requirements. All this can be done for significantly less than traditional mobile office spaces.

Fast Delivery

Since our container spaces are built in a shop, the turnaround time for customized units is much quicker than the traditional construction approach. Many of the obstacles faced when erecting a building ground up are not applicable to container offices which means you get what you need much quicker.

In House Design

When working with MODS, you will be dealing with an in-house designer that will work with you to design your work spaces to perfectly suite your needs. This approach saves you time, frustration and money.

What We Offer

Our Services Include


Custom Storage


Temporary Office Spaces

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